Twitter Chats

Twitter chats are the ultimate way to make connections with others on twitter. Twitter chats revolve around a specific focus, such as a subject area, or a topic.

"In short a Tweetchat or Twitter chat is a scheduled, organized topical conversation on Twitter centralized around a specific hashtag. It’s best to think of a MeetUp or panel discussion around a specific topic. Now bring that conversation into the digital world of Twitter, a platform designed for high engagement through bite-sized content in the form of tweetings containing 280 characters or less. Put them together and presto — you have a Twitter chat!"

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The format for twitter chat questions is:

A___ (the number of the question): followed by the twitter chat #

In this example, I will the showing the way to question number 3 in the #weTeachuN chat.

Ex: A3: In my classroom we focus on positivity by starting the day with a high five and a handshake. #weTeachuN

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To start "lurking" or participating in twitter chats, check out the resource linked here. This is a wonderful collection of several twitter chats of all varieties.

Choose one and join in for a few weeks, observing what content is shared and watching the process take place. When you feel comfortable and ready to jump in, go for it!

Action Item:

Take a look at three different twitter chat #'s that interest you from the resources shared in this course. Share three chats that you will participate in in the future which will help you to meet your integration goals with twitter.